I manage an internet site that was once located on Server A. I gave clients a subdomain url that pointed for this server, e.g. app1.example.com

I've moved my how do people a brand new server, Server B. I transformed the Ip of app1.example.com (through the domain title host company) to suggest towards the new server which labored ok, for me personally a minimum of. However, I've one client that's still getting forwarded to that old server.

After I obtain the client to ping app1.example.com it's attempting to ping that old Server A. After I perform a ping I recieve the right Server B.

I'm presuming that the reason behind this would be that the client should have the Ip cached somewhere. What should i tell the customer? Will it be to operate ipconfig /fluchdns or perhaps is the answer likely to be more difficult?

It's not likely the client's fault. You will find lots of ISPs available whose DNS server reloading times are very lengthy. It will take greater than a day hrs until a brand new title server entry is populated to any or all DNS servers. Whether it's very urgent, you can inform your client to include an admission to his hosts file.

Time taken for that DNS records to update on the internet could be anything up to 48 hrs.

How sometime ago have you result in the change to the brand new server?

If you want these to have the ability to can get on immediatly request these to edit there DNS record if it's possible. Else you'll simply need to wait for a DNS update to undergo.