I've had a turn to find out if it has been clarified but with no success. Possibly is really apparent it does not need responding to?

I've designed a subdomains folder on my small server where I wish to keep my subdomains in. Performs this folder need to be within the public_html folder or can one have this folder around the root (same level because the public_html folder)? I understand this works when i have attempted it, but is sound practice?

The main reason I request happens because the subdomains could be access just like a subfolder

e.g. www.mywebsite.com/subdomains/aNewSubdomain

Thank you

If you're able to configure your internet server freely, place the the folder anywhere you want really, it's good not to be within the public_html folder because this way, all subdomains could be accessible as sub folders from the primary domain.