I am attempting to host a subdomain for my website having a different webhost and I am running into issues how to put it together.

Listed here are the specifics: - Domain is registered with GoDaddy. - Nameservers are going to DiscountASP.internet where ASP.Internet application continues to be happily running for few years. - Would really like blog.mydomain.com to suggest to my account with DreamHost.com to make the most of their Light stack.

I've added blog.mydomain.com to DreamHost (after adding mydomain.com) via what they can control panel. I figured I'd have the ability to give a subdomain entry on GoDaddy to suggest to DreamHost, but all they permit is blog.mydomain.com = new url.

Theoretically I possibly could simply take our .biz or .internet domain and host it on DreamHost but was wishing I possibly could do all of it having a subdomain.

So, in summary Let me determine if what I wish to do is achievable and when so, how do you do it (because of the constraints of GoDaddy, DiscountASP, &lifier DreamHost).

Thanks, Matt

sub domain is area of the domain, it's like subletting an area of the apartment. A records needs to be setup about the dns for that domain e.g

mydomain.com has IP 123.456.789.999 and located with Godaddy. Now to find the sub domain


which the website is really on another server then

login to Godaddy and add a b record anothersite.mydomain.com and point the IP towards the other server

And that is it.

You need to simply add an "A" record within the DNS manager on Godaddy. For the reason that "A" record put your IP from dreamhost.

I understand this works since I am doing the identical factor.

UPDATE - I don't have Total DNS enabled at GoDaddy since the domain is located at DiscountASP. As a result, I possibly could not add a b Record which is the reason why GoDaddy was just offering to forward my subdomain to another site. I finally recognized which i needed to visit DiscountASP to include the An Archive to suggest to DreamHost. Now waiting to ascertain if everything works!

Obviously, make use of the stinkin' IP! I am unsure why that wasn't signing up for me personally. I suppose their assistant text illustration of pointing to a different url was tossing me off.

Thank you for each of the replies. I 'got it' the moment I just read Bryant's response that was first but Saif started up a notch and added a bit more detail.


Whatever you reached activate the the DNS like a Manage DNS out of your Directi User Interface, basically m not wrong you running on that Directi Domain Merchant, right ?