I have released my mvc application to godaddy (root, ie world wide web.domain.com) and all sorts of is effective. Now i have to publish some html files to some subdomain (ie subdomain.domain.com) which i have setup. However now after i browse to subdomain.domain.com i recieve web.config error

"Couldn't load file or set up 'System.Web.Assistants, Version=1..., Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or among its dependencies. The machine cannot discover the file specified." Line 101: add set up="System.Web.Assistants, Version=1..., Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" /...

the only real files in subdomain directory are html files..exactly why is web.config entering play? i though getting a subdomain would seperate these virtual sites (root and subdomain)?? help. thanks

You mention they are .html files. Sure they are not .cshtml?

Domain oddities aside - your host does not possess the "ASP.Internet Web pages" System.Web.Assistants set up within their GAC, or else readily available for your deployment.

To resolve this, you have to bin-deploy the devices. Begin by developing a bin directory, and uploading the System.Web.Assistants.dll there.

Its in your developer machine at somewhere like C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft ASP.NETASP.Internet Web Pagesv1.0AssembliesSystem.Web.Assistants.dll

I made use of these instructions in the GoDaddy site to obtain mine working:

To Deploy MVC3 Programs with Home windows Hosting

Inside your application's project, add references towards the following devices:

  1. Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure
  2. System.Web.Assistants
  3. System.Web.Mvc
  4. System.Web.Razor
  5. System.Web.Web pages
  6. System.Web.Web pages.Deployment
  7. System.Web.Web pages.Razor

For every reference you simply added, set the Copy Local property to True. Deploy the application.