I'm completely new to subversion and also have learned that this is actually the best factor since sliced bread. I've attempted google and i'm just drawing blanks on what's wrong and also have attempted multiple different suggestions. I recieve the next error

The Place information continues to be specified improperly.

svn: Propfind of '/svn': 405 Method not permitted (http://IPADDRESS) with IPADDRESS being the IP of my server.

I recieve this after i attempt to sign in through Zend Studio. I personally use the next to try and login url http://IPADDRESS/svn/ username: fakeuser password: fakepassword

In my opinion the problem is about this file due to the mistake "Location Information continues to be specified improperly". This file is incorporated within the httpd.conf file. I've restarted apache and you will find not errors when restarting apache.

<Location /project1>
   DAV svn
   SVNPath /home/jhughes/project1
   AuthzSVNAccessFile /home/jhughes/.svn-policy-file
   AuthName "SVN Repositories"
   AuthType Basic
   AuthUserFile /home/jhughes/.svn-auth-file
   Satisfy Any
   Require valid-user

I've spent a couple of hrs about this and can't have it. So any assistance is appreciated and that i will without a doubt give someone the purpose.

I'm not utilizing a proxy server. I'm while using Ip from the server because I've multiple domain names around the server and thought this might be an problem.

I believe your URL is partially responsible - try some thing like


This really is most likely more an issue for ServerFault but here's my undertake it:

Problem 1. Location must be "/project1" not only "project1" .. that's most likely the origin of the Location error. You are able to try looking in Apache's logs for such things as this (possibly /etc/httpd/logs/error_log however it is dependent in your OS and configurations)

Possible problem: I have never witnessed an SVN repository setup inside a user folder. Probably you have to consider the configurations for SVN itself and make certain the SVNPath in Apache matches it. Usually its something similar to /svn. Again it may be setup this way, just something I have never witnessed.

What you have been told holds true. SVN rocks though configuring it through DAV isn't usually for that average person. Does ZendStudio support hooking up to SVN through SSH? That's far simpler to begin.