I wish to try connecting up my pet project to some NOSQL type DB as eventually it'll need to have the ability to process a sizable data volume with a simple data structure...virtually well suited for NOSQL.

However am using C++ and also have curiosity about writing a wrapper around a C client. I researched some to find good examples for implementing Cassandra having a C++ client and did not find much.

So my needs are: Free, Operates on Home windows, Good C++ client with good examples available that do not assume I'm already a NOSQL / Thrift guru.

Any ideas?

Redis has clients for many major programming languages, including C++. Everything I have been hearing is the fact that Redis may be the new hotness in NoSQL.

The one thing about Redis (and memcached) is they ultimately provide telnet-like connects. If you're able to open a socket to localhost and send instructions, you should use the NoSQL database. That's pretty much what Rediska (Redis PHP Client) does underneath the hood.

You need to have the ability to make a dumb get-set interface inside a couple of hrs, and implement the rest of the connects per day approximately.