I'm going to embark a significant django project. Basically install the most recent stable release... may be the a recommended setup ie. this OS, this RDBMS, this version of python etc?? I am ordinarily a CentOS guy however their repos don't play too well using the django needs...

Ubuntu is by far a much better platform nowadays. I am a refugee from RHEL and Fedora. Get Ubuntu 9.10, and when you would like, spawn it on Amazon . com ec2 for total versatility (i.e. launch it within 90 seconds, experiment, do what you would like, remove it, and just pay money). Otherwise, only use Ubuntu around the desktop.

Ubuntu has Python 2.6 automatically so it's not necessary to get out there and find strange upgrade pathways. Also Ubuntu has ready-to-go installations for django 1.1.1 (the most recent and finest) that integrate with Apache, etc...

Quite simply, with zero use of PIP, easy_install or source installations, you will get running with Django on Ubuntu/Apache.

Once you are comfortable, PIP may be the tool you need to use for those non-stock python library installations as it is more current.

MySQL is simpler than Postgres however it does not really matter in either case.

=== edit ==== I didn't remember to include which i use mod_wsgi. I didn't remember about it because the Ubuntu Apache installation am easy which i hardly needed to even consider it.

httpd, mod_wsgi, PostgreSQL, and EPEL. CentOS is simply fine.

We use Fedora 11, MySQL, Apache, mod_wsgi, Python 2.6. Is effective.

Ubuntu 11.04, Django, MongoDB, and Python 2.7 for all of us and everything runs quite snappy.

A real large fan from the NoSQL db solutions. If you are not really acquainted with it I'd highly suggest trying it out since it may improve your opinion. In either case, here some food for thought:

Django Production Envionrment Setup with MongoDB