I have developed an PHP + PostGIS application and I have to host it somewhere. Can anybody recomend us a web hosting that sopport Postgres + PostGIS databases? I discovered certain areas to host the application, but I must find out about your encounters. Thanks!

If you're able to afford ~49 eur monthly for the application, then I would suggest utilizing a service such as this: http://world wide web.hetzner.p/en/hosting/produkte_rootserver/eq4

presently we use 8 of these, plus they appear quite cheap (for any devoted server) and reliable. and you will install anything you want in it including PostGIS : )

I've a number of these MediaTemple Servers (should you pay each year, it's barely 20$/mo for that beginning config) also it labored perfectty to date, plus you are able to upgrade/downgrade the config (space for storage and RAM) in literally a few minutes. I installed pg 9.1 beta and postgis 1.5.3 in it and delay pills work all right.

But my personal favorite feature is undoubtedly the "instant snapshot" backup copies where it saves an overview from the whole system (database condition, filesystem, runnig processes) and may restore it inside a 2-3 minutes that is very helpful for you are finetuning your server because even when you completely break everything, you've still got a stress button to revive everything to some working condition.

I've not examined it yet, however EnterpriseDB's new Cloud tools might make Amazon . com EC2 a fascinating option (I just use S3 for that daily backup copies presently).