Can there be any standard on common website resolution?

We're focusing on more recent monitors, possibly a minimum of 1280px wide, however the height may varies, and every browser might have different plugin levels too.

Can there be any kind of standard for this?

Thanks ahead of time!

The fundamental advice nowadays is:

Optimize for 1024x768. For many sites this can cover most site visitors. Most logs reveal that 92-99% of the visits is going to be over 1024 wide. While 1280 is progressively common, you will find still lots at 1024 plus some below that. Optimize with this try not to disregard the others.

1024 = ~960. Comprising scrollbars, window edges, etc means the actual width of the 1024x768 screen is about 960 pixels.

Don't design for just one size. Window dimensions vary. Don't assume display size equals home windows size. Design for any reasonable minimum, but assume it'll adjust.

Use liquid designs. Use designs which will adjust once the window is resized. People do that a great deal, especially on large monitors. Case good CSS practice.

Log browser display info. You will get actual amounts relating to this. I discovered some amounts here and here and here. You may also rig your website to gather exactly the same data.

Mobile products are special. If you achieve plenty of traffic from apple iphones along with other mobile/small products, you need to most likely provide them with special therapy.

User will scroll so don't be concerned much about height. That old argument was that customers wouldn't scroll and anything important ought to be "at the top.Inch It was overturned years back. Customers scroll a great deal.

More details here:

Bad idea, In my opinion. The entire reason for separating content from layout ended up being to enable your internet page to become shown on any kind of browser.

Investing in artificial restrictions like a minimum display size will limit your market.

With that said, In my opinion every desktop should have the ability to display 1024x768. But how about the browsers running on apple iphones or any other screen-challenged products?

In response to your particular question, no, I do not believe there's any standard for any minimum or common display area in browsers.

Forcing your user to scroll flat is really a serious UI transgression. Unless of course you're particularly building an internet site for any population having a known display size, you're most secure making certain that the design works together with screens no more than 800 pixels wide (8Percent from the web surfing population if memory serves me right). It's smart to really make it adapt well to bigger screens although not at the expense from the folks still surfing at 800x600.

Here's another factor to think about too: not everybody runs their browser at full screen (I do not). So the concept that if is alright to create for any specific (and enormous) "display sizeInch really does not work for several reasons.

Update on 12/15/2010: Initially when i first clarified this, 800 pixels was a suitable answer. However, at this time, I would suggest 1024 pixels wide (or 960 as another person highlights). Technology marches on...

Listed here are statistics of browser display in 2008: http://world wide

About 50% customers continue to be using 1024x768. If you would like your website to appear nice in high resolutions use flexible layout.