I've a credit card applicatoin server which creates frequently to some database and reads it soon, however hardly ever that data entry is read.

What's good quality databases optimized with this type of access? I'm presently using MongoDB however i believe that most likely is not the best option within this situation.

I'm available to relational DBs (i.e. MySQL), MongoDB, Redis, etc.

P.S. Appears it's not hard to answer this for read frequently DB access, but difficult to find info on this unique situation.

This is generic question, We have to learn more particulars

  • Size Database
  • Data growth, Just how much 10GB daily / 200GB monthly ?
  • Could it be a OLTP Application or OLAP Application ?
  • What's most of concurrent transactions / customers ?

Aside from it, Because you have pointed out information is rarely read beyond a particular point

  • You could take a look at choices for Archival (Cleaning according to duration - Monthly basis / Yearly basis)
  • Parititioning can also be an alternative choice, for faster retrieval

Again the choice for opting for SQL or NOSQL is dependant on

  • Consistency
  • For those who have a set schema I recommend you to choose Relational DB
  • Concurrency aspects, According to need you have to made the decision SQL or NOSQL (example - internet banking i recommend RDBMS, For product critiquesOrremarks storing for any site, I'm suitable for NOSQL as this doesn't need any concurrency handling)

You have to provide more particulars in your database need when it comes to functionality, data volumes, data usage and growth aspects

Hope it will help...

Because you mention MySQL, you might like to consider the ARCHIVE storage engine.