I am creating a shopping cart software system for any client using Joomla! 1.5 and VirtueMart and am looking for a payment gateway provider. Nevertheless, I've got a handful of unique demands:

  • Not PayPal -- The customer sells tobacco add-ons, that is against PayPal ToS.
  • Enables the purchase of tobacco add-ons/items -- my client mainly sells glass pipes and waterpipes for tobacco only use. If there is a operate a payment provider will classify these as "paraphernalia" or any other things contravening their ToS, I'd would rather avoid searching simply to find out I can not use their service. For this reason Google Checkout is not a choice, btw.
  • Good support for VirtueMart -- I have never really designed a payment module before, very easy of integration with VirtueMart is essential.

I am waiting on the response from PsiGate, though I am leaning towards Pivotal Obligations because of the client already uses that company for processing in-store transactions. Nevertheless, Pivotal appears to possess pretty poor support for VirtueMart -- I'm able to only look for a forum publish regarding their payment module, also it appears the folks for the reason that thread were getting a very difficult time applying it.

Epic-level gratefulness for anybody with suggestions.

VM has excellent support to Authorize.internet. I've also lately implemented a hyperlink Point (now known as First Data) payment module. There's an excellent step-by-step for that Link Point module that labored perfectly for me personally on VM 1.1.5 here - http://forum.virtuemart.net/index.php?topic=35263.msg107934#msg107934