I am building a quote for any potential client. I'll do more research basically obtain the project, but take some ideas for the time being. I am trying to puzzle out a great choice that will not take several several weeks to build up and can still provide good versatility for future improvements.

My options In my opinion are:

cms+e-commerce plugin (e.g. drupal+ubercart)
e-commerce platform that is extendable (e.g. magento)
framework+e-commerce platform (e.g. ci+magento)
cms+e-commerce (e.g. wordpress+magento)

The website is going to be much like etsy where customers might have products they sell using their own portfolio page. The customer really wants to add many custom features too. Also, the website assists up lots of images and audio.

I am concerned that using strictly a e-commerce platform can give me lots of obstacles to beat instead of use only a trolley+framework. I understand Magento is written on Zend, but while I have tried personally Magento, I am not so acquainted with Zend also it appears to consider a long time to understand.

I have not used ubercart,wordpress e-commerce, or virtuemart, so I am unsure from the restrictions. The items does not need to be configurable. But we will have to store financial information. I am thinking braintree's vault or authorize.internet cim.

Let me perform the framework+ecommerce platform route. However the client would like a lesser cost option, I am leaning towards drupal+ubercart.

Just would really like some opinions from general observations.


If you are using drupal and ubercart later on please browse the book http://www.usingdrupal.com/ Using drupal by reading through its chapter of ubercart it is simple to create e-commerce website after reading through this book ubercart chapter in a day . There's a magazine that is completely wriiten on ubercart https://www.packtpub.com/drupal-e-commerce-ubercart-2x/book. These both books can be really useful for you for ubercart.

I have just produced an e-commerce store with Wordpress and taking advantage of the wordpress plugin Jigoshop for that ecommerce.

We use Wordpress as our Content management systems for those our clients and we have also top quality it via plug ins so there is no reference to Wordpress, it simply functions like OUR content management systems.

Jigoshop is extremely simple to incorporate, you can use it effortlessly straight as they are but as our website was very bespoke we customized a variety of it simply by using CSS. Very simple to use and comes with all you need.

I attempted many other ecommerce plug ins for Wordpress however they were very difficult to tailor.

All really straightforward supplying you've got a fundamental grasp of HTML, CSS and PHP.

I labored with wordpress plus some free free commerce plug-inches. It was a real discomfort! I wound up programming my very own low scale solution. Later I additionally labored with ubercart and drupal. The second was among my most motivating encounters with drupal. I discovered that drupal with ubercart can perform everything things i and my customer wanted. I highly recommend drupal...but i have never labored with magento...

I believe wordpress is sufficient because wordpress has become a greatest platform in wordpress with countless plug ins oops sorry not millions, vast amounts of plug ins you just need to look for a wordpress plugin which suits to both you and your websites content well for internet commerce i suggest e-shop 5. its an excellent wordpress plugin.