I understand how to create programs in Java and C++, and need to learn how servers, databases and internet-based programs work and so i could start developing them.

Where must i start? What must i learn first? What books can you recommend for me personally?

Thanks, ahead of time :)

I'd begin by either trying Tomcat which may allow you to create fairly fundamental web programs. I'd begin by experimenting with either servlettes or JSPs. There's a great deal documentation and good examples.

Or you might begin by installing and experimenting having a database. PostgreSQL is actually good. It's free and they've something known as pgadmin the industry great ide.

After you have been capable of getting these setup and dealing I'd then start considering some various frameworks which exist to create with such tools a great deal simpler. For instance, you can have a look at Guice or Spring for dependency injection or a variety of other tools. This is really a comparison of every.

Additionally, you will most likely wish to also consider Velocity, Freemarker, or struts, or something like that similar. These can make your existence a great deal simpler.

For that database you could think about: Hibernate or MyBatis, both work great and performance slightly differentially. Hibernate is extremely generally used plus they cache objects very effectively.

I'm not sure that which you mean by "cells", anyway begin from free technologies as well as their online paperwork, like Apache, MySQL, and PHP.