We're going to attempt a sizable service store project and want to make use of the energy that WCF Ria services provides. I've personally used Ria services on more compact projects before and also have been very impressed by using it. However this project is consideralby bigger. To date the database design comprises 50 plus tables, but this really is set to develop to a minimum of double that amount because the project matures.

On more compact projects I've produced just one domain service over an entity framework data model. This is effective if you have a relatively few organizations to utilize. However when It involves dealing with potentially 100s of organizations in one domain service/context, I'm afraid this can be a maintainability nightmare and merely not achievable.

My question for you is, for any project of the scale, what are the guidelines I'm able to use to be able to effectively leverage the energy of Ria services, yet keep your domain service(s) in check when it comes to maintainability.

I have heard about remaining having a single domain service but distributing the code out between partial classes as you option. I have even seen on some community forums about multiple domain contexts within the same project, however i can't observe how this could work once the underlying database tables (not to mention organizations within the entity data model the domain service is dependant on) are almost all associated with one another in some manner.

Any suggestions about this subject could be very welcome, especially from somebody who has experienced an identical situation and it has overcome the issue.

Thank You Paul.