Just installed Wordpress on my small server for that blog element of my website and discovered graphpaperpress.com who make awesome styles for Wordpress. I installed one and thought I possibly could make use of a heavily modified version for the whole site. I Quickly began to consider Wordpress frameworks: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/… What exactly are your encounters using the primary Wordpress frameworks? Can you recommend them? I am a designer Not really a developer and can't write PHP. It is possible to framework which i perform with only using CSS + HTML that might be flexible enough to create simple sites with?

Sorry it isn't an issue which has a definite answer, but thought there'd be some well rounded advice here.

I am more worried about layout personalization than needing to fit things i need right into a template. This is exactly why I figured basically began to utilize a flexible framework for Wordpress, it might function as a good foundation to adjust to numerous designs.

Thesis looks good, but is a premium theme (http://diythemes.com/)

Genesis is another (http://www.studiopress.com/them...

On the free end of things Thematic looks nice (http://themeshaper.com/thematic...


The Thesis appears to become most widely used with great options, It is best to to visit for this if you're able to pay otherwise Thematic is certainly what you want :)

If you do not mind having to pay, then take a look at both of these frameworks: