I'm inside a Software Engineering Masters program, and I must start my thesis work soon. I realize that ultimately, the conclusion on things i do needs to depend on me, however i was wishing to obtain a couple ideas. My consultant was in saying the toughest part is approaching with a decent idea.

The needs on which I'm able to do are pretty loose, as lengthy because the project is really a good project with merit.

I like building web programs with PHP along with a back-finish database (usually mysql or postrgresql). Lately, I have discovered that I especially enjoy creating web programs that communicate with Google items. (I have been thinking maybe something using the approaching Google Wave?)

General interests: databases, web design, Google (including Google Web Toolkit), Java Programming, linux, servers, networking

I'd rather not allow it to be appear like I can not think personally, I simply figured that it is never bad to request professionals. So, I'd appreciate any ideas/ideas/suggestions - thanks!

For any final project in a single of my networking classes we built a little IRC application using Berkeley electrical sockets in C. It had been great working experience for lower level network programming and posix.

Methods for planning system integration test data. When every unit continues to be examined, the entire system should be examined this really is system integration testing. System integration tests work once the system processes actual data. Therefore before every test you need to popolate your database with realistic data, and following the test you need to totally reset the database. How you can generate realistic test data, and just how to populate and totally reset a sizable database very quickly for each test?