Lately a buddy requested me for assist in creating a small website employed in their their company's intranet.

Essentially it's the next features:

  • Admins can upload an stand out sheet that contains particulars of employees

  • Each worker can login and examine their specific particulars, that is
    parsed in the stand out sheet

  • Admins can make and edit bulletins (ideally with text formatting abilities)

Q (1) My pal recommended using WordPress within the back-finish. Would this constitute any edge on a php site done on your own, thinking about the above mentioned features?

Q (2) Do you know the guidelines (modules, stand out format etc) to become adopted for that parsing of information in the spreadsheet? Searching toward suggestions from those who have labored concentrating on the same situations.

A (1) Is dependent how much work for you to do and just how much control you would like. Honestly, I do not think Wordpress is relevant to any or all areas of this project. Wordpress is ideal for personal and group blogs (think Engadget, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, etc), although not excellent for tiered access and securing lower song of the website without heavy personalization.

A (2) There appear to become a large amount of results should you google "parse stand out php," but when you need to parse tabular data with PHP's built-in functions you will need to use CSV.

This sounds easy to implement. Using Wordpress means you would need to look for a wordpress plugin for uploading and parsing the Stand out file in addition to exhibiting it to simply specific customers. It could be simpler to create a system on your own. You will find lots of assets to make an easy login system with admins in PHP. You would need to create code to parse the Stand out file, but reading through it can't be that difficult because of PHP wrappers. There's a PHP wrapper for xls files, that will help you to open the file normally with any one of PHP stream functions (the filename could be xlsfile://path/to/file.xls) and fread() the information.