I've a number of domain names which i manage (100+) and I am getting fed up with GoDaddy's management. Whenever I have to make changes shifting things around to DreamHost or Heroku to Google Application Engine or my very own VPS and servers things end up hairy and it is tedious to must see multiple locations to be able to manage things.

I had been curious if there is a good selection for designers that require robust domain management. I do not really (and PLEASE correct me if I am wrong) see a solution with DynDNS or EasyDNS options. Possibly I am looking over something.

I am really searching for just one console to rule all of them (i.e., register wherever and hang NS records towards the master service) and also to then have the ability to get into a website and, using a template split everything to where I would like it go go. Quite simply by establishing my very own DNS templates I possibly could with one fell swoop setup Google Applications sub domain names, development dyndns cnames, AWS CDNs, etc. etc. etc.

Anybody conscious of this type of comprehensive solution?

I am pleased with DynDNS but I am equally pleased with Zerigo. Templates, AJAX interface, migration tools, an API...

Lacking implementing your personal infrastructure or piggybacking off something similar to Dynect, I'd hazard that Zerigo must do all you want. The truth that it's lately been acquired by 8x8 indicates others agree.

[I do not work with them if this describes a plug )]