Any suggestions of methods to integrate wordpress publish image accessories in to the array needed by supersized.js for simple formatting?

It requires images in a wide array like -

35mm slides : [ //Slideshow Images 35mm slides/quietchaos-cat.jpg', title : 'Quiet Chaos by Cat Gallannaugh', url : '', 35mm slides/wanderers-cat.jpg', title : 'Wanderers by Cat Gallannaugh', url : '', 35mm slides/apple-cat.jpg', title : 'Applewood by Cat Gallannaugh', url : '' ]

I have found this - although not sure steps to make it fit to have an array.

this websites appears to have the ability to use supersized.js with images within the html body

$(function() {
    var imgpad = $("img.bgscaler").prop('src');
            slides : [ {image : imgpad, title : 'Achtergrond'} ]

Once you have loaded the look to your site, you are able to extract the src url and set it into a flexible. You can now input this into supersized. Make certain that you simply provide the image some css to use it display:none.

There you have it.