Someone explained that some servers configure it that permit streaming of the file.


Could it be personal files-encoding problem, not really a server configuration problem?

Given a hyperlink from the video file, how do you see if that individual enables streaming (or play only one time downloaded) ? Headers?

For a file to become streamable, all the information essential to initialize the decode and playback engines should be at the outset of the file. Not every file formats are made for the reason that way. (for example, with AVI files usually index reaches the finish).

However the server must also be set up to stream. Moving personal files over HTTP or FTP is really a different protocol than streaming the file.

Therefore it is both, for streaming to operate everything needs to be setup properly, the server and also the file must support it. If each one isn't setup properly, then moving the file may even work. Moving the file may be the conservative or fallback solution.

As lengthy because the encoding format is really the information within the file is chronological regarding the recording frames, there's no theoretical way possible for any server to permit installing although not playing. Consider it. If you possess the data, and it is playable after installing, that portion is playable before installing is done.