I've an Database project during my application and wish to suppress the errors/alerts tossed with this project. .to begin with is it feasible ?

I believe I wasn't obvious with my question, by controlling I resulted in after i build my Solution, the errors(which really aren't errors) are proven within the error list, Among the finest that Database project related errors shouldn't be proven within the error list.

I'm using VS2010.

thanks ahead of time

  1. You might Exclude that project while build by right click that project and select 'Exclude Project'if Home windows Application. 'Unload Project' if Web Application.

  2. To exhibitOrConceal Error list

    • Visit Tools > Options

    • Expand Projects and Solutions

    • Choose General.

    • Around the right hands side, First check box is 'Always show Error List if build finishes with errors'

You can take away the build/deploy from the project out of your solution configuration. This way Versus wouldn't attempt to build the database project whatsoever.

Obviously any alterations in the database project could be overlooked.

To alter or produce a new solution file right click the solution node in Solution Explorer and choose qualities. For the reason that dialogue the configuration node (under Configuration Qualities) tab and click on configuration manager.

This enables you create new designs and edit existing ones, and every configuration is planned onto a task configuration (to include a replacement choose <new> around the active solution drop lower).

Obviously, the greater approach would be to fix the errors.