I'd a wonderfully working svn+apache install where I had been using per directory access control to limit use of parts from the repository. Particularly, nobody had access up level within the repository [/]. People had use of folders like [/world wide web] etc. I had been indicating these permissions inside a file (svn-access-file).

I needed to move to an alternative machine. And So I installed subversion-1.6.3 and httpd-2.2.11 onto it, and modified the conf file to imitate the conf file around the old machine (and that i replicated the svn-access-file and also the svn-auth-file). I Quickly required an svn dump and did a lot to place stuff in the brand new repository. Now I'm able to check stuff out, modify stuff, and commit. However, the moment I attempt to complete an 'svn up' with an already examined copy of some sub-folder [/world wide web/people], I recieve the next error:

svn: Server sent unpredicted return value (403 Forbidden) in reaction to OPTIONS request 'https://[servername]/svn'

It appears the issue is that it's attempting to access the very best level directory [/] despite the fact that really it will simply be attempting to access [/world wide web]. Basically temporarily provide the user use of [/], it really works.

Can someone please let me know how you can fix this? Everything done that old machine.

Thanks! Gaurav

Works out this can be a lengthy standing bug within the subversion client. Here's the bug report:


It'll most likely get fixed within the next major release - 1.7 Meanwhile, here is a hack workaround:


I replicated the 'if' statement in to the source code for mod_authz_svn.c and reconstructed svn and delay pills work now :)

Here's also workaround I have based in the bug discussion. If you have troubles with upgrading local copy attempt to switch local copy towards the same URL.