I originate from a GIT background are in possession of to operate using SVN. Usually, whenever using GIT, I'd Apache virtual host established to one folder as document root so when I needed to change branches I simply did git checkout branch.

From things i see with SVN now, after i make branches I must create a new folder for every branch. Is the fact that true or perhaps is there another method to accomplish as to the I am accustomed to with GIT?

Because, that will mean I must make a variety of virtual hosts or use wildcard dns or something like that.


You could utilize [cde] to change your working copy to another branch, if you wish to ensure that it stays within the same directory.

In Subversion branching is simply copying a tree so yes, you'd be developing a new folder. Take a look in the SVN book for his or her chapter on branching/merging: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/nightly/en/svn.branchmerge.html

There is no natural mapping between virtual hosts and version control systems like Subversion or git so I am afraid I can not discuss the way it might connect with your different vHosts. You may could discuss your setup a bit more.

If you're getting something similar to:

svn switch

it's not necessary to be worried about handling different branches clearly.

A method to accomplish what you're accustomed to with git is by using git-svn.