Let me determine if there's a predicament for versioning database with SVN that will ensure no conflicts when couple of designers attempt to commit changes concurrently.

Me and my team have used changescripts with growing schema version number (such as this solution: http://odetocode.com/blogs/scott/archive/2008/02/02/versioning-databases-change-scripts.aspx ).

It's an excellent solution, nevertheless its primary flaw is the fact that conflicts can happen when multiple designers attempt to commit change script with similar schema number - it is not only an easy SVN conflict, but additionally requires customers with this conflict to by hand change database table with schema versions, revert their db changes, change script files' amounts to possess all of the db updates. Can you really avoid this obstacles? I do not mean technical solutions only, but maybe there's an easy method to arrange this? Any ideas?

Rails solved this exact problem using a timestamp rather than an incrementing version number. The chances of two customers creating new schema versions within the same second is fairly low.