I am presently creating a website using PHP/MySQL using Adobe Dreamweaver and it has been requested to utilize a type of version control like SVN. I am presently on the shared host Hostgator, how do you start establishing SVN if it's possible. On their own FAQ for SVN, they point out that they offer the client not the server.

Exist options to SVN? Can Github be utilized? I want my code to remain private not public...

EDIT: Could it be beneficial to achieve the version control built-into Dreamweaver?

Exist options to SVN? Can Github be utilized?

Mercurial, git, Resumes, bazar, ... simply to mention some options. Github may be used, obviously, but this involves git for use rather than SVN. Regardless you need to request "the asker" (chef or customer I suppose), if it's suitable for him.

If you want your code private you are able to only use git. write git init /location_of_project in command line and voila, local repo produced.

find out more info at http://git-scm.com/documentation

Github uses git for version control. You should use Source Forge for this function. Source Forge is really a free project hosting site which uses SVN.

You need to install SVN server around the server machine and SVN client in your development machine. It free, so might be the best place.

Take a look here, tortoise SVN.

I really like Cornerstone for OSX. Simple and easy , intuitive for me with a local, private repository.