Does anybody have knowledge about 3rd party (non free) svn hosting? I'm searching at two (WUSH and someother one with svn within the title) They seem ok in writing - however i was wishing to obtain feedback.

I could integrate minimal svn crossover into another internet based monitoring tool (elementool) but wish to listen to others about trac, bugzilla and perhaps fogbugz. I'm overtaking like a development manager for a lot of projects and wish to get the organization off SSafe. I've been happy with my past encounters with SVN but I didn't like needing to spend some time controlling an public/outward facing apache server - I'd be more happy investing the $50 or less every month for an additional company to get it done.

How has your experience been?

I suggest assembla. They've great free svn/trac, wiki, ticketing, etc.

Additionally, there are JIRA Studio from Atlassian. svn + JIRA (problem monitoring) + Confluence (wiki) + FishEye (svn insight), all located.

Disclosure: Sometimes for Atlassian, but this is not on Studio.

We're using Wush.internet for a long time and it is great. The only real factor is the fact that I've intends to use Active Directory for authentication however they did not suppport it the final time I checked.

I personally use on the couple small items and delay pills work great! Send them a contact plus they reply instantly at any time or evening. Request for any feature plus they add it. They do not do defect monitoring,they are very focused, however they do integrate with other people for example fogbugz, and basecamp, lighthouse, etc. It is also free of charge for approximately 20MB of storage and three customers. Beyond that their prices is excellent.

I have not used at all any (I've my very own server), but this site lists a lot. I can not speak regarding the 'goodness' of them though.

I possibly could, however, claim that you consider having your own server. I personally use a VPS (Vps) with SliceHost and host my databases on that 'box'. SitePoint comes with an article about VPSs too.

I reccomend Assembla. SVN, GIT, Trak, custom bug / ticketing system, Milestone, fine grained user permission, wiki.

I would suggest Devjavu. I have used this particular service for 3 hobby projects and also the only lower side of a forex account is the possible lack of attachment in Trac.

Compensated plans start at $19/month and include more features.

I fully recommend, not just for hosting your repository, also as platform for Team Workflow

Do take a look at too. It provides a lot of space (1.5GB) for subversion hosting together with collaboration tools like project/problem monitoring, wiki, etc.

Take a look at Unfuddle. Includes a svn or git hosting, ticketing, wiki, key events, etc. Includes a good integration of repository commits with ticketing system. I am utilizing it for my projects and it is great.

We're using CVSDude for SVN hosting. We never had any problems or down time. They provide Trac and Bugzilla integration. We used Trac for some time but switched to Fogsbugz since it fit's beter what we should do.

We are a really small software development shop and never doing very advanced SVN things. We develop for Home windows and therefore are using Tortoise as our SVN client for home windows. We also do Ruby web design and employ SVN for your too. I'm not sure what client we experience the Mac coz I am the home windows guy.

I believe CVSDude may be worth looking at. They provide Resumes and SVN.

I have been using DevJaVu for TracExplorer and I am loving it.