I'm trying to setup svn on the shared host. The host has installed it and that i have produced a repo will be able to connect with using svn+ssh, but since it is hosting that is shared, I can not add customers, and so i am attempting to make use of the svnserve.conf and passwd files to include customers this way however when I attempt to complete:

svn list svn://svn.myDomain.org

I recieve a note that states:

Authentication realm: <svn://svn.myDomain.org:3690>

Password for 'cborders':

However when I make the password which i have placed in the passwd file it provides me with exactly the same Authentication realm message and requests a username, a password. It will this two more occasions after which fails out completely.

Fundamental essentials only lines that aren't said in my svnserev.conf file:


anon-access = none

auth-access = write

password-db = passwd


What am I doing wrong?

most likely better to add your svnserver.conf file for your question. I believe you have the realm within the [general] section wrong.