You want to switch hosting companies. To do this will need a DNS update for that Ip connected with this domain.

Content continues to be examined and raised about the new server. The DNS update has been manufactured but customers aren't able to begin to see the new site before DNS advances (that could be days).

It is possible to something that you can do about the old server to ensure that whether it receives a request, it may forward/redirect towards the new server, therefore getting rid of the 'DNS downtime'?

We're running ASP.internet 3.5 on IIS6 with ISAPI_rewrite 3..

You can setup another subdomain, redirecting customers about the old server to that particular domain and also have the new server accept demands from that subdomain. New subdomains (A records) should propigate considerably faster than changes. When the DNS is fully propigated, you are able to just redirect that subdomain/An archive towards the regular address.

Our solution (per Darryl's suggestion - but this really is an excessive amount of info for any comment)

We use ISAPI_Rewrite 3. the industry fantastic and inexpensive tool for url management which means this option would be customized to that particular product but conceptually ought to be valid for other conditions.

DNS (for

A   newsub		newIP#(new record)

A   existing	newIP#(up-to-date IP)

IIS Configuration for site at new Host:

Add newsub like a hostheader on-site

.htaccess for site at new host

#add as first rule. trap demands for brand new subdomain and redirect to existing

#ASSUMES that redirect to existing has become safe because DNS for existing

#was up-to-date when newsub DNS was queried.

#otherwise this will probably be a never-ending loop of

#redirects between your old and new server

RewriteCond % ^newsub.

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=302, L]

.htaccess for site at old host

#add as first rule. redirect all demands to new subdomain

RewriteCond % ^existing.

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=302, L]