I have moved symfony 1.4 project in one host to a different, and today doesn't display images. sfFrontWebController translates image path like a module/action pair , after which redirects to 404 page rather than being able to access it directly.

In which the separation between images that needs to be shown by direct path, and modules happens?

Folder structure is identical, .htaccess is identical.

Many people say mod_rewrite module could be absent or switched off at new host apache... Not the situation, test redirect I have added is working fine.

Appears problem is in some way associated with apache. It shows http://host/images/uploads/ajax-loader.gif but doesn't display http://host/images/uploads/x/ajax-loader.gif (for whatever reason first is susceptible to apache's
RewriteCond % !-f

rule, second isn't).

UPDATE: wit .htaccess temporary removed, it displayed /host/images/uploads/path and /host/images/upload/pathways in various way: from the former '/images/uploads' was removed. I believed it was set somewhere in apache configurations.

Quick workaround which i used only agreed to be to alter title of /uploads folder for /upload . Another solution could be investigate apache configurations. Because it switched out, the one thing had nothing that is similar to Symfony.