I've application that let user create their very own website. Every user separate using subdomain for instance

my application url example.com, my user create the website in url user.example.com

my user getting their very own domain user.com, and I wish to facilitate him change the website url from user.example.com into user.com

How do i accomplish this?

Thanks greatly..

Well, the actual way it is generally setup with popular platforms is the fact that individuals have to setup their very own domain after which point that domain per A-Record for your servers IP.

That essentially implies that everybody who makes its way into the domain title within their browsers will finish on your server.

The next phase would require user to go in their domain title within their profile. After that you can look into the "incoming" domain and research the consumer for your domain - I have no idea the way your remotes and routing are positioned up, but you would need to route these demands towards the customers profile page.