Is it feasible, and when so how do i effectively sync a nearby database having a global one particular that after an action is adopted the neighborhood version it's also made around the global database. Simply using version control to subvert the worldwide is unacceptable because there might be several local copies from the database based on the number of individuals making changes towards the database. Quite simply can you really simply have one from the database so it may be utilized in your area despite the fact that it's elsewhere on the network.

Syncing databases if your very complex subject. The easiest approach would be to keep track in the application level (or though a custom sqlite wrapper) of queries run against each system after which run individuals again when syncing.

This becomes problematic if you have multiple sources or two-way synchronization. Queries that went fine on a single database may fail on some other because of different order of procedures (presuming referential integrity is enabled).

Another more complicated but robust approach would be to keep an eye on a complete transaction history for every table. You'll should also know which records were affected in every transaction, and also the order within each transaction. When that's done, you'll most likely need a method to identify when problems will occur and instantly deal with them.