I'm trying to produce a home windows mobile application that consists of a database and may from time to time be attached to the Internet. When connected, I must sync the neighborhood database using the central database server. The central server is really a MySQL server. The neighborhood database could be anything (most likely SQL Compact).

Things I did to date:

  • Installed Microsoft Sync Framework
  • Installed MySQL for ADO.NET
  • Produced a Wise Device Project
  • Produced a WCF Library (from this tutorial)
  • Produced an association towards the central MySQL database within the Server Explorer
  • Unsuccessful to produce a Local Database Cache using the MySQL connection

However , after i produce a new Local Database Cache, their email list of accessible connections doesn't include my MySQL connection. In addition, after i go to produce a new connection, there's no MySQL Driver within the list (instead of their email list available when designing an association within the Server Explorer).

Any help? Personally i think which i got this Microsoft Sync Framework incorrectly. Or that i'm missing something.

I am searching for lessons too. Google wasn't really useful (neither was Microsoft for your matter).

Thanks ahead of time.

In my opinion you may have to produce a custom sync provider for MySQL, the ADO.Internet provider you installed and also the actual Sync provider are two various things.

I'd a hyperlink to some walkthrough for building an Oracle provider, however i appear to possess misplaced it. From things i can remember you have to derive your provider from ServerSyncProvider. You might like to browse the Sync Framework home page because they are likely to possess a couple of posts and videos which should prove helpful.

Hope it will help, I'll update this publish basically find that tutorial link.

Edit: This may be the one I had been searching for, but it is just a little outdated (It is best to also consider a couple of from the other posts under Projects). You could also want to check out this one.