I've two different database in various machine.Both have same tables and among the finest place or update records in one machine with other. how do i do same goes with using mysql database.

Suppose among my product is on India.along with other the first is on USA.

It's not internet based Application.

Seems like you most likely need to make among the databases behave as present another, this way any updates around the master is going to be instantly propagated towards the slave. The MySQL documentation has a great deal of detail about this.

Should you desired to have the ability to make updates either to database and also have them duplicated towards the other It can also be easy to configure MySQL to make use of multi-master replication.

Use dump/restore . Dump latest DB and load it on other one

You could utilize another replication tool for example SymmetricDS (http://symmetricds.codehaus.org/) which could sync 2 databases. But beware that you'll surely face conflicts problems if one makes adjustments to both databases.