I am assisting a company by supplying an Access DB to handle demands of numerous types. Because they are a construction company, they've one machine within an 'office' around the building site, plus 3 located in their primary office. The equipment on-site doesn't have internet connectivity.

Can there be any (reasonably simple) method to synchronise the off-site and onsite databases once in awhile? I understand the tables might be merged, but each one has an autoincrement area which should be synced between instances (i.e. when merging two tables the autoincrement ought to be reassigned in line with the mixture of records).

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Jet Replication is a answer, although not a simple one, for an online location make use of indirect or Internet replication, each of which are pretty complex to setup and need regular maintenance to help keep running dependably. Nevertheless, indirect replication is effective (I have not used at all Internet replication due to the hardwired reliance upon IIS, that we consider unacceptable).

For just one-stop shopping about Jet Replication, begin to see the Jet Replication Wiki.

Microsoft is progressively phasing out support for Jet replication in Access (though I expect so that it is supported as lengthy as MDB files are supported without conversion), so a much better means to fix the issue may be to make use of the various tools Microsoft has set up to exchange the functionality Jet replication provided. This is Sharepoint, obviously. In A2007, Sharepoint was far too insufficient to become a proper alternative for Jet replication, but beginning with A2010 and Sharepoint 2010, everything changes.

Basically were built with a new client visiting me with this particular requirement, despite the fact that I have got a long time of expertise with Jet replication, I'd recommend A2010 and Sharepoint 2010 as the reply to the issue, and would tell wait.

It might be that the client does not wish to spring for any Sharepoint server, and for the reason that situation, there's located Sharepoint available, that ought to be supporting Sharepoing 2010 soon after the discharge of Office 2010 in May.

Obviously, you can also program synchronization by hand, but that is quite complex inside a multi-master scenario. However, when the records within the two databases don't overlap (i.e., records produced in a single aren't up-to-date within the other, or put one other way, it's mainly and add-only application for every database), it is not as bad an issue. Removes really are a harder problem, although not unresolvable.

For the Autonumber PK area make use of a ReplicationID (GUID) rather than a lengthy to ensure that the amounts is going to be unique across all copies from the database, even when they're disconnected.

You will find plenty of choices for replication with Access. Here's articles to enable you to get began.
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