I am focusing on applying a 2-way sync for any website that began like a Facebook page years back and today will probably be run mainly off page.

At this time here's the procedure I am using:
1) Import Posts + Comments in the Graph API. Posts are saved as Wordpress posts, surveys are saved as Wordpress comments plus some additional data for example Facebook Publish ID or Publish Author are saved within the publish meta.
2) I have produced another submission form (only admin can submit posts from Wordpress site) that utilizes the Graph API to publish straight to the page, then run the importer to ensure that once the publish is first joined in to the database, it already has it's Facebook_Publish_ID attached.
3) Comments from Facebook are often up-to-date and put into Wordpress. Facebook-Connect enables Facebook customers to login and discuss the Wordpress but individuals surveys are not synced with Facebook when i can't fasten a user comment to some Facebook publish through the Graph API (I can not control other customers).

Has anybody encounter anything similar or produce other suggestions for the way i could acquire a "two-way" sync? (Quotes as my current setup is technically one-method in which imitates two-way. New posts bypass Wordpress then get synced from Facebook).

This is a little old, however i really came in the official Facebook comments wordpress plugin page so I am responding to.

There's a wordpress plugin known as Wordpress-Facebook Comments

It's working fine, you are able to read my knowledge about it on my small blog (presently testing out Livefyre which means you wont view it for action)

I am focusing on an identical 2-way sync project. There is not a method to sync comments (a minimum of none will be able to find). The way in which it has been accomplished is to produce a new Facebook application and therefore you comment through the application, not Facebook's native comments, e.g. WPbook. Clearly, it isn't ideal.

I personally use facebook comment wordpress plugin during my site at http://clip.hotscore.internet

It' work.