I want to understand what ought to be a great choice to implement a method like this:

The machine is going to be use by instructors inside a school. They are able to login and find out a listing from the pupils they have in the present class/subject. Within this list they might mark the pupils that aren't attending the course, plus some other available choices... The machine also needs to provide the choice to parents to warrant the absences of the children's. The secretary can use of print some reviews related.

This seems the machine I must create.

As you can see, does not look so complex, but I must know concerning the tools I ought to use.

When I stated before, this isn't HOMEWORK, and so i hope the following solutions take this in consideration.

I am developing this real system, but I am confuse by what to make use of. I believed in mysql and php. So I must know, even when looks so simple for you, the steps to follow along with or even the different options which i should think about.


I am speaking with my tutor, and we'll visit the organization that delivers services using the servers, in order to request them what we should need. So normally I thinks the very best would be to request for any phpmyadmin (cos finances sql server). Must I request sth else which i will require or can make it simpler? Greets

I'd make use of a web front-end, having a database that contains tables for Classes (which consists of the teacher), a table for college students, a table hanging off by using particulars of classes a student takes, along with a table for absence particulars.

After that you can arrange it to ensure that whenever a teacher accesses the machine they are able to begin to see the classes they train, they choose a category it'll show the scholars taking that class. Hitting a student's title will give you to page where one can go into the absence.

It is a quite simple setup, but I have developed such like and delay pills work perfectly.

Generally you will find no tools for creating a certain type of application. Tools are rated by complexity of application, selection of OS / platform and what programming languages you realize.

So if you're a Home windows type of guy you may opt for SQL Server Express, VB.Internet and perhaps Visio. Whereas if you are a FOSS fan then possibly MySQL, PHP and Dia would suit you best. (Obviously many FOSS items - such as the three I mention - can be found in versions which run in Home windows, so it's not always obvious cut).

This really is a part of your internship? If that's the case, you need to use a thing that works with what your companies use.


Okay, so that your internship is by using a college, plus they avoid much when it comes to IT. For the reason that situation, in case your skillz are mad enough I recommend you opt for the Light stack, because it is cheaper.

I'd be cautious about searching to roll this to parents. Which will raise your application to some whole " new world " of concerns: unsanctioned use of citizens' personal information is really a large deal at this time, which means this will get you with many different difficulties you don't want to need to handle. Build an application for that instructors only. Have that working. Then for those who have time to deal with take a look at implementing it to some wider audience.

An easy GUI and MySQL After sales should suffice.

Create a listing of pupils, put 4 buttons alongside each pupil (there, missing, excused, late) and merely store it inside a database for every class.

Report generation is not very difficult either, just execute the required chooses (something similar to: choose pupil_id, count(*) from class where condition='missing') whenever someone clicks the reviews->[...] menu products.

Obviously it greatly is dependent which other specs exist, consider this seems like homework i believe this will suffice.

OK, so you will need access from multiple clients, so internet based could be ok. You will need persistent data that's rather primitive. So you may use just about any persistence solution. A RDBMS will be the most typical choice, but CouchDB or any other BigTable'ish implementations would also suffice.

Apart from that you are free inside your choice. Java, PHP, Ruby, C++ go to whichever you want. Mysql, postgres, couchdb, xml flatfile are valid options for persistence.

Without more informations you cannot pinpoint some technologies -)