This began as Couldn't load type 'Global' error. Once I attempted a couple of things and becoming no where I erased the worldwide.asax file and today the mistake is Couldn't load type '[namespace].???'

Where ??? may be the class title of each and every page I attempt to load

The site (when performed within VS2008, local dev computer) works fine but when released (without any errors) and used towards the server provides me with Couldn't load type '[namespace].???' error

Used to do install elmah and that i could have more particulars with this "generic" Couldn't load type '[namespace].???' error

elmah reviews a HTTP error 500 :

System.Web.HttpException Couldn't load type '[namespace].???' -> System.Web.HttpParseException: Couldn't load type '[namespace].???'

Any ideas?

I've checked the "fundamentals"

  • References
  • Carrying out a neat and a build
  • Checking the Gets attr within the HTML from the code behind


Used to do deploy the website to another DEV computer (set up IIS, virtual folder, etc.) and delay pills work. After I make use of the same released code around the server, obtain the generic Couldn't load type '[namespace].???' error


I produced an evaluation web application. One form (Default.aspx) having a button. The press event does an answer.Create("Hello World") I moved this application towards the server and you know what, I recieve the Couldn't load type TestSite._Default


Based on the fusion log viewer, both of these websites are trying to load CppCodeProvider and VJSharpCodeProvider, however i don't have any references to these. Following a Search, I discovered this post

I checked and that i don't have any references to JAVA files. Still have no idea what the issue is

Perhaps you have checked that what you reference are going to copy local?