I've got a database table in SQL Server 2005 Express that can take in 2367 new rows every day, there's only 3 posts for every row. So each year this can give around 800k of rows as well as in ten years 8 million rows. Since I Have realize that the organization where I am causeing this to be installation won't handle any database management/cleanup my real question is will a SQL Server 2005 Express have the ability to handle this many rows in one table? What are the limits? I know that there's something similar to 4gig of quality limit. Thank you for any advice or inside details about this.

EDIT: Table setup

[RefId] [bigint] NOT NULL,
[PointDate] [datetime] NOT NULL,
[PointValue] [decimal](10, 2) NOT NULL

note: SQL Server 2005 Express does not permit you to setup jobs.

The database size limit is 10Gb since SQL Server 2008 R2. Regardless of what, an Express installation will still require maintenance (specifically backup copies). You best think about something now.

The documentation states restricted to available storage. So you may well hit a bottleneck elsewhere first, like some Master of business administration with Access doing choose Count() from Table up with an exterior connect to the live database.

Other maximums you may encounter first.

MSDN SQL 2005 Capacity Specicifications

Other versions can be found in the page too, for individuals who've a necessity.