I have always found developing joomla extensions a discomfort if this involves organizing your workflow so I am searching for a great technique for using svn for joomla extension development (and deployment). I have searched the net for ideas, but haven't found anything good. Particularly I am searching for a wise method to install components using svn export (for deployment to production site) or checkout (for development site) plus some scripting miracle. Anybody have knowledge about this that they wish to share? Any ideas is a lot appreciated. Thanks!

Netbeans appears to become the current favorite, though many designers use Eclipse.

For videos just google Netbeans Joomla http://vimeo.com/13045800 or http://vimeo.com/11981229 are two good examples - or Netbeans drupal http://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=egvfbMfZ9-8 (that one appears to become best at explaining local install

I personally use PHPEclipse and Subclipse here is things i do (I am presuming your production box has already been setup with svn):

  1. Install Joomla in your area or take a look at a case out of your repo, and make up a new Eclipse project -> from existing source code. Dump your server's db in your area too.
  2. Produce a simple component using the minimum of files, namely the xml and yourcomponent.php file, zip it, and do the installation, both in your area as well as on the development box. This can register the component / module within the db tables. Alternatively, rather than setting up around the server, you can just give a row for your db to join up the component.
  3. Remove the component's folder which was produced around the server (without needing svn del), should you have had installed it.
  4. Start developing in your area and commit your changes. Eclipse does a pleasant job of monitoring changes and representing files with changes aesthetically (>), and commiting changes / solving conflicts is real easy. Now just run svn update around the server, as well as your code changes should think about the server.

Using the latest version of Joomla!, you don't have to record new files you create within the xml, however, you will by hand need to add any tables you create / alter around the server.

Should you ever intend on disbursing the component, you would need to correctly produce the db install scripts, etc.

If a person includes a cleaner method, I am thinking about knowing too.