I wish to populate a mysql database with fundamental 'holiday resort' content e.g. title from the resort, description, country. What techniques can one use to populate it?

Where's this content? You should use LOAD DATA INFILE syntax, or import from the CSV file, or write a script in Java or C++ or C# to parse the file(s) holding the information and populate the database via INSERT claims. You can hire and intern making him/her types all up. Without having it inside a file, you can write an internet-spider to visit and obtain garbage from Google and stuff it in to the database.

However I won't assist you before you let me know in which the information is.

First, discover the Internet sites of a number of holiday companies who provide the locations you are thinking about. You are likely to scrape these.

You do not say what language you are using for that implementation, but this is how you may get it done in Perl:

  1. Write a scraper using LWP::UserAgent and HTML::TreeBuilder look around the site and extract the destination information.
  2. Use DBI using the DBD::MySQL driver to place the information to your database.