Soon, I'll start my very own software company. Initially my product/solution is a Billing/Invoice Software. Inside a not too distant future, I make believe you expand this primary module for an ERP. My application should have the ability to run like a stand-alone application so that as an internet-based application (so you will see, most likely two GUI for the similar Database). My problem, now, is to find the right tools I am speaking by what programming language(s) must i use, what type of database must i choose, and things like that.

I am mainly a VB6 programmer, so most likely I'll pick the .internet framework (vb/c#). But I am seriously considering Java. Java has 2 inchbenefitsInch that I like: write once, run anywhere which is free (I believe...). I have been considering RIAs too, however i just haven't any substantial feedback about the subject... Then, I'll require a report tool. Very Reviews? HTML based Reviews? Other?

Databases: I am unsure basically should use SQL-Server Express or PostgreSQL (or any other).

I'd gladly hear any comments and advices


Select which technology only you team knows best, but whether you decide to go the .Internet route or even the Java route, do your favour and avoid Very Reviews!

Say no to, you receive helpful advice and also you don't listen. I'll repeat it for you personally.

DO NOT USE Very Reviews.

It's a steaming pile of donkey poo normally caused on designers by know-nothing managers swayed by glossy pamphlets and demos of confirming situations which are deliberately so trivial that even managers can understand them.

If you're stupid enough to permit this time around-vampire to your existence you'll be sorry forever. No, wait, go right ahead. Ignore us, swallow the marketing lies and employ it if that is what you would like. This can be a self-punishing crime. When I only say "donkey poo" I am talking about a really sick donkey having a delicate stomach along with a penchant for chili.

Considering that much of your replies came from .Internet designers, I'll speak as a J2EE developer.

To grow on which "Pi" stated about establishing your tables (before picking your database implementation), make sure to really understand data modeling. Run ... don't walk ... to some great database modeling book. You'll need this regardless of what technology stack you utilize.

Your decision between .Internet and J2EE will most likely turn upon the OS that you would like to operate your servers on. Pros from the J2EE route are that you could operate on a Linux/Unix server, and revel in an OS tradition which has been created for networking and security in the beginning (sorry, Home windows). Consequently lots of enterprise-y projects have been in J2EE just for that reason for example financial services. An additional from the J2EE route would be that the JVM is really OS independent. You can run your server on any Linux distro, a Mac server or perhaps an Home windows server, as well as your Java bytecode wouldn't care one whit. Finally, with all of due respect to Jesper, Java isn't always a performance bottleneck. A great deal will be based upon the way you architect your application, tuning your queries, as well as the option of your JVM implementation.

Nevertheless, the J2EE space is very large. You should look at the price of learning entirely new framework (and developer culture). It is a large transition from VB6 to C#. While it appears that C# and Java are highly much like each other as languages, the APIs and tools are extremely different. Request a little soul-searching questions: who would you like to pay you to employ your software? Whether it's large enterprisey places just like a bank, I would opt for Java. Whether it's a small company that requires software which will interoperate with Office, I'd opt for .Internet.