How you can create template/theme system and wordpress plugin system for any custom Content management systems much like Wordpress or joomla?


I'd rather not use any templating engine much like wordpress grounds why it is known for templating.

$varArray = array('firstVar' => 'the value', 'secondVar' => 255);
$varArray['theThirdVar'] = 12345;
foreach($varArray as $name => $value){
    $$name = $value;
include ('templates/template.php');

within the template.php then make a move like:

<?echo $firstVar;?>

this then should provide you with the Value

EDIT: This can be a minimal example. Additionally you could have a look into codeigniter source. Additionally they make use of this kindo of Template System.

if you are searching to construct a custom Content management systems why not choose a php framework and develop surface of it. Why build on your own whenever you an begin with an established and examined framework. Codeigniter is dead easy and Yii has built a wordpress plugin system into its framework via components and modules:

Unless of course you are just learning on your own, there is no help to building on your own.