Does anybody know of a big formatted assortment of fake user data (names, current email address, locations, etc.) you can use for testing a credit card applicatoin?

It may be clearly fake, this is restricted to the expansion server. But I am sure anything could be much better than things i could develop.

You will find some tools built due to this. I have used before to create data for MySql databases. RedGate includes a nice tool to fill your SQL Server database with test data known as SQL Data Generator. The RedGate tool costs about $300, but there's a totally free trial.

This can be a free tool for producing various test data. is a great resource for creating test data with realistic searching customers filled with SSN, current email address, ... There is a bulk download option too.

Read this listing of "Funny Names" a number of them are classic

Check this out SO thread: Creating test data inside a database

Another free test generator tool is my very own