We've begun improving software and hardware to some 64-bit architecture using Apache with mod_jk and four Tomcat servers (the brand new hardware). We have to have the ability to test this equipment with a lot of synchronised connections while still really doing things within the application (signing in, etc.)

I presently am using Python using the Mechanize library to get this done, but it is simply not performing. Threads isn't "real" in Python, and multiprocessing helps make the local box continue to work harder compared to machines we are attempting to test because it needs to load a lot into memory for Mechanize.

The end result is which i need something which will truly hammer this thing's connections and hold a session to make certain the sticky periods will work in mod_jk. I have to have the ability to code it rapidly, it must be lightweight, or being able to do true multithreading will be a perk. Apart from that, I'm open-minded.

Any input is going to be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Open Source Testing Tools

Being unsure of the entire needs causes it to be difficult, however something in the list might suit you perfectly.

To be able to accomplish things i desired to do, I simply returned to fundamentals. Mechanize is sort of bulky, and there is lots of bloat active in the primary functionality tests I'd before. And So I began having a clean slate and merely used cookielib.CookieJar and urllib2 to construct a linear make sure then run these questions while 1 loop. This provided enough stress on the Apache system to determine the way it would react within the new atmosphere, but for the record, it did Perfectly.