I am not necessarily searching for a fundamental SQL guide but simply something specific to PostgreSQL.

And That I do run my very own servers so obtaining the latest version ( 8.2 In my opinion? ) isn't any problem.

The PostgreSQL wiki is a superb resource. Particularly, browse the optimisation page:


Which links for this great article that I have known to a lot of occasions:


Essential things:

  1. If you're able to (as since you are beginning, and own a server - you are able to) make use of the latest launched version (8.4 right now)
  2. Make certain autovacuum is switched on in postgresql.conf
  3. If you have troubles - usually quickest method of getting assistance is to become listed on #postgresql on freenode.internet IRC network and request there
  4. You will find several things MySQL has, and PostgreSQL does not (REPLACE for instance) - usually if something isn't in PostgreSQL you will find reasons for this and/or perhaps a workarounds.
  5. Use psql client. You may feel good with pgadmin/phppgadmin, but when looking for help (especially on irc) knowing psql really helps.
  6. You might like to sign up for RSSes of 1 of two postgresql planets (don't request why you will find 2 of these :) ) : planet.postgresql.org and planetpostgresql.org
  7. Also signing up to postgresql related lists might help - you'll find listing of them in here