I wish to test my application by hand. As am a new comer to testing, can anybody suggest me, do you know the items to be studied care when testing the applying by hand?



Also, positively attempt to break it. Start playing about. Enter bogus values, lengthy bits of text, etc into input fields. Double click buttons or links. If there is a workflow to become adopted, attempt to do items that does not stick to the normal workflow.

EDIT: google for things like 'QA checklist' or 'software QA checklist' and you will find some inspiration. They are able to get quite extensive.

When testing by hand, you'd simply employ the application. Less than sure what else you mean. Should you implement an element, use each and every a part of which include, including each and every a part of anything it could communicate with.

If you wish to catch a bug, you need to think just like a bug. Overlook the intent of the application, and what it's designed to do and exactly what a user was designed to do, and go like a game title: "given all I understand of the application, how quickly can one have it to crash"? Also take a look at use cases or situations, as well as for each step, attempt to imagine pathways that aren't the happy path. What preconditions couldn't be satisfied, and just how would you make it happen?

It most likely does not really become qualified as "manual", but something like Pex is great at assisting you evaluate which inputs will get techniques from whack.

Additionally as to the Peter authored:

  • re-size your window to unlikely dimensions (really smallOr very large/very wide however with a little height)
  • slowly move the window anxiously around and find out if the affects the appearance &lifier feel
  • use the applying having a touch pad( are available on laptops) or individuals red-colored stays in the center of the keybaord that might be on some laptops

If you wish to perform unit testing, you might like to take a look at NUnit.
Also, look at this topic if you are new at unit testing.