So I am not really sure where to start..

I have got a platform where people can publish their very own 'generated' blogs using their company people.

It requires a lot of info using a form action and results it to some wordpress blogpost format.

Among the fields in your body from the publish consists of this " [word] " with no quotes. (the term differs in line with the input).

It is possible to way I'm able to turn [word] into another thing (ideally a picture) in line with the what? like... I have no idea much about scripts and stuff, however i picture something similar to this...

if[word], output('wordimage.png')rather.

Any method of doing that

You're searching for str_replace(a, b) my pal.

$filtered = str_replace("naughtyword", "<img src='censored.png' />");

You're speaking about BBCodes In my opinion. The BBCode to have an image is usually [img=url], where url is changed through the images url.