I am searching for a hosting provider for my Python-Django project.

I want suggestions when it comes to both shared space and handled server solutions. Obviously, just in case of shared space, Python execution through CGI isn't a choice.

For the time being, I am concerning Slicehost or Linode... Anybody along with other recommendations?


I have heard advantages of WebFaction

I have used webfaction for near to annually and also have been really pleased with it.

I personally use Google Application Engine to host my Django-Python Site

Take a look at: djangohosting.org and djangofriendly.com If you're searching for a VPS, Slicehost and Linode are most likely your very best options.

I am using djangohosting.ch and am happy by using it since it is inexpensive (on the shared host) but allows you need to do most steps you can take on the devoted server.

I am happy with slicehost.

I've three applications on two accounts with http://world wide web.webfaction.com

I'm a happy customer, due to the fact they deliver the things they promise, including no overloaded servers. Also their hosting model is exclusive, you'll always feel in charge of all things.

Plus their own is possibly the very best support system which i have observed so far as hosting Django goes.

Price is affordable too. Plus they are very flexible, they've met every request I've made.

I believe they ought to employ me his or her marketing guy :)

I've 3 servers with MediaTemple (two dv's and something dvp nitro) which are running django applications. We obtain great service and great reliability. MT is most likely a little more pricey than other companies, however for any kind of (virtual) devoted server, it's most likely fairly reasonable.

In case your application/site does not require the devoted energy, I'd avoid MT, since it is going to set you back 40$+ to operate django on the hosting that is shared. I have heard good stuff about both Webfaction and slicehost for hosting that is shared.

You might be inquisitive about http://world wide web.alwaysdata.com/ that is supplying free django support as much as 10MB (which isn't a great deal but will work for testing an application). Obviously tou could possibly get more disk space having a fee (90 pounds annually I believe)

They're supplying python and django in standard on shared space through FastCgi.

Their offer as well as their support service are fantastic.

It's a french company so certain parts are just in french but they're attempting to offer an worldwide atmosphere.

I simply located by website on World wide web.WEBFACTION.com . They're best and least expensive. No comparison. I could get my website ready to go in under fifteen minutes. I'm having to pay only 5.99 monthly. They provide you with ssh access with database management tools etc. I attempted other website hosts however they have numerous hidden charges that you uncover on the way.

Have you thought about Amazon . com EC2?

I take advantage of A Little Orange, and I have been pretty pleased with them. Their specialists are specifically quick to reply to demands (like producing a module with C extensions, for instance). I have experienced some down time together a few occasions, but nothing major. Their prices is fairly good, too.