I'm searching for a Scala Database library which enables me to make use of SQL to speak to Databases with Connection pooling and ideally multiple finish points (master and slave) taken proper care of.

The Scala ORM/DSL tools look too complicated and also have a greater learning curve with little value addition for my use situation. And So I am searching for a less complicated library which enables me write SQL directly.

However the connection pooling is essential for that library.

Any recommendations for the above mentioned?.

Using JDBC in scala is virtually seamless. During my situation, I authored a little multiple-use db library for bridging JDBC to Scala (i.e., generate SQL from Scala objects and generate scala objects from results).

For pooling, you could utilize a third party db pool library (for example http://www.snaq.net/java/DBPool/) Using all of this in Scala (when your library is performed) requires very couple of lines of code.

I favor SQueryL because it has semantics like Scala Collections but accesses the database, which means that procedures which often use Scala collections can function easier using its abstractions. http://squeryl.org/

Does not ScalaQuery meet your needs? http://scalaquery.org/

Should you prefer SQL over ORM you certainly should check O/R Broker JDBC library. Regrettably I am unsure whether it supports connection pooling or otherwise.