I'm wishing that somebody might help me with that one? I'm while using wordpress wordpress plugin Custom Publish Type List Shortcode

The wordpress plugin enables me to list out full-page posts by groups... or just the excerpts...

Rather than the excerpts or even the full-page posts, I must only list the posts, up to the stage where there's a far more tag...

This really is area of the code:

   $content_html = '';
if($show_post_content == 'true'){
global $more;
$more = 0;
$content_html = $post->post_content;
$content_html = ( $excerpt_only == 'true' ) ? 
$post->post_excerpt : $post->post_content; 

My first guest ended up being make use of the function, I'm however unsure how you can implement it.

Basically do: $content_html = $publish->the_content('Continue Reading') - I recieve a error...

Any applying for grants the way i can solve this?

Or can you really apply certain kind of regex to strip the publish to simply obtain the publish content from the beginning as much as the <!--more--> tag?

You will see the page where I wish to implement the code here: http://vip-stylists.co.za/our-team/ rather than the entire description the page, must only show the thumbnail and also the text within the publish as much as the <!--more--> tag?